Burglar Alarm Systems

DSC Power 1832 Alarm System
This is a DSC Power 1832 system includes the following: 

1 - DSC Power 1832 system board with cabinet 
1 - DSC PK5501 keypad
1 - DSC Bravo 3DP hardwired motion detector
1 - 16.5 / 40va power transformer
1 - 12 volt 4 amp system backup battery
1 - 15 watt surface mount indoor siren
1 - RJ31X telephone jack and cord set

(8) Hardwire Zones/ Up to  32 hardwired or wireless zones with expansion modules. Supports up to 8 keypads/4 partitions. 


For many, the advantages of a Security System are primarily financial. Informing your homeowners insurance company that you have certain security measures in place can save you 5 percent to 20 percent on your homeowners policy. The cost of monthly monitoring fees, depending on your premium savings, can cancel out or greatly offset whatever you're paying in monthly security system monitoring fees, sometimes making the added peace of  mind that comes with 24 hour a day monitoring services virtually free.

Insurers routinely give homes and businesses equipped with a monitored burglar and fire alarm system a 15 to 20 percent discount!!!

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