Camera Surveillance

Centurion Security Systems is committed to providing the finest in electronic security protection & integration utilizing Camera Surveillance System technology.

Security Cameras are now used in many public and private institutions, from the correctional facility to the convenience store.  Cameras Systems are an innovative, cost effective way to constantly supervise all areas of your facility. 

 In addition to their application in business, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications, the use of camera surveillance systems for average residential use has started to become quite common.  Today's busy lifestyle, and the improved affordability of camera surveillance systems has made what was once reserved for very expensive residential applications and sprawling estates, a much more common thing with just the average home owner wanting increased security for their property, and an improved level of protection for their loved ones. 

With our Camera Surveillance Systems, you can monitor all operations from the desktop in your office, from your laptop when traveling anywhere in the world, or even from your I-Phone when you’re on the go.

Camera Systems have become so much less expensive that all can benefit from using cameras as a deterrent against theft and robbery.  Municipal authorities have adopted Camera Systems as a way of maximizing the use of personnel in curtailing crime in their jurisdictions. In many areas of the country Camera Systems have been placed in highly crowded public areas as a security measure against terrorism. 

When thinking about a Camera Surveillance System, there are several factors to consider.

  • Determine what your viewing requirements are. This includes details of the field of view such as what, where, and when do you want to view a particular area.
  • What type of lighting is in the area to be viewed?
  • Are you primarily interested in camera surveillance to monitor theft/vandalism, deter robbery/shoplifting, monitor employee work habits, or to cover visitor attendance and activities?
  • Do the video events need to be recorded?
  • Do video events need to be recording all the time, or just when there is motion?
  • How long do you need video events archived within the system?
  • Will someone will be viewing the video live on-site, verses remote viewing, or do you primarily want to archive video events to be viewed when a

  •  situation occurs?

These are important considerations that are necessary to the proper design of a Camera Surveillance System.  How the system will be used is an importantfactor when designing the correct system for your particular situation.  It will determine the type of recording device, and the specification of video components that you’ll need to accomplish your security goals and objectives using video technology. 

Cameras can vary in picture quality depending on resolution, whether the image is sufficient in color or black and white, and/or whether the images will be during the day-time, night-time, or both. Here at Centurion Security Systems, we typically use the Highest Resolution Cameras available.  We also carefully evaluate the need for low light and/or Day/Night conditions when making lens and aperture selections. 

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